AWS Certified Welding Sales Representative

Certified Welding Sales Representative

If you are among the best and most successful sales professionals in the welding industry, it's because you provide value-added expertise to your customers. You are there for them when they want to try new solutions. You are there when they struggle to improve their welding quality and productivity. You are there to help provide a safe workplace.

You have years of expertise that back up every recommendation and every sale you make. And you never stop soaking up all the knowledge you can --- because you strive to be among the best.

For you, there is a new certification stating that you exemplify excellence in sales professionalism. The AWS Certified Welding Sales Representative program tells the industry that you have what it takes to add value to every sale.

If you meet the program's requirements, you can take a two-hour exam to establish your credentials. In addition, AWS offers an online seminar and examination package. The exam can also be taken at any site that an AWS CWI exam is scheduled. Custom training and examination is another option that allows you to have a group of sales personnel trained and tested at your workplace.

Examination topics will establish your level of knowledge concerning five arc welding processes, brazing and soldering, cutting, safety in processes and gas cylinder handling, AWS filler metal classifications, shielding gas applications, welding terminology, ventilation, electrical requirements for power sources, and welding procedures and their qualification.

The online seminar will not only prepare you for the exam, it can also enhance your professional knowledge.

How to Qualify
Prerequisites to qualify for the AWS Certified Welding Sales Representative program include a high school diploma or equivalent and at least five years of experience in an occupational function in direct relation to the sales of welding equipment, cutting equipment, and supplies and other related services.

If you do not have five years you can still qualify by submitting verifiable proof of at least two years of the same experience and provide a training certificate of completion for welding processes, cutting processes and filler metals.

Completion of the AWS Certified Welding Sales Representative seminar fulfills the training certificate requirement. By taking the seminar, a Sales Representative with between two and five years of relevant experience would be qualified to take the exam.

Onsite Program Online Program
For information regarding customized training and examination please call (800) 443-9353 ext. 237. To take the seminar/exam online, please visit American Welding Online at
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B5.14:2009  Specification for the Qualification of Welding Sales Representatives
QC14:2009  Specification for the Certification of Welding Sales Representatives

CWSR Body of Knowledge