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Application of Phased Array Ultrasonics to AWS Codes
by Parrish A. Furr
The advantages of phased array UT are outlined as well as how the AWS Codes handle use of this method for volumetric inspection of welds.

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Metal examination and testing, and related issues. Inspection Trends assists and informs inspection professionals through reports on new technology, tips on inspection technique and interpretation, descriptions of new equipment, and practical methodology.

The Inspection Trends audience is made up entirely of those involved in testing, including AWS Certified Welding Inspectors.

The AWS CWI is the world leader for proving capability in the principles and practices of welding inspection. Since the inception of the CWI program in 1976, AWS has certified more than 47,000 welding inspectors. Many states and other jurisdictional authorities now require AWS certification to perform welding inspections within their area of authority.

Approximately 18,000 mailed plus bonus distribution at AWS-sponsored shows and conferences.

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