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Become part of the Society committed to helping your organization grow.  AWS offers Corporate Memberships for companies small or large, as well as Educational Institutions.  AWS will provide your business or school with the tools you need to make an impact in the industry.  Show your customers your commitment to excellence, and stand out from the competition by becoming an AWS Corporate Member.  Please see below to determine which of the five different memberships fit your organization best. 

AWS Sustaining Company Membership

                                                  Company LogoJoin an elite group of 500+ leading companies in the materials joining industry.  Sustaining Company Membership is AWS' most prestigious level of membership, and is perfect for companies looking for the Best Value of all AWS Memberships.

Upon becoming a Sustaining Company member, you'll receive your choice of one of three exclusive money-saving benefits:
1.) Complete Electronic Access of AWS Standards Library (a $12,000 Value)
2.) 10 additional AWS Memberships ($960 value).

AWS Sustaining Company Memberships are loaded with a number of other priceless benefits, such as 10 AWS Individual Memberships and much more.
Please click here to see the complete benefits of an AWS Sustaining Company Membership.

AWS Supporting Company Membership

                                                  Company LogoThe ideal fit for mid-size companies that want to give their employees the power of AWS, but need more than one Individual Membership.  AWS Supporting Company Members have access to practical knowledge on how to improve productivity, solve production problems and improve their competitive position.

Please click here to find out more on AWS Supporting Company Membership.

AWS Welding Distributor Membership

                                                    Distributor Book

                                                  Distributor LogoWelding Distributors worldwide can take advantage of this Membership designed to help increase their end-user base and improve their competitive position in the marketplace.  AWS' web of communication tools will put distributors in touch with key industry manufacturers, including AWS' nearly 1,000 Sustaining and Supporting Company Members, most of which are leading producers of welding and equipment supplies.  Any welding distributor, small or large, would greatly benefit from this membership.

AWS Welding Distributor Members get a place on the AWS Distributor Locator Map.  The locator map is an interactive map, by city, on AWS's 100,000-visitors-a-month website which allows end-users to find distributor locations quickly and easily.  A number of other valuable benefits are included as well.

Please click here to find out more on AWS Welding Distributor Membership.

AWS Affiliate Company Membership

                                                    Company LogoIndependent Welders and Welding Shops worldwide can take advantage of an AWS Affiliate Company Membership.  Designed exclusively for independent welding and fabricating shops, was developed to meet specific needs: to keep you better informed, aware and responsive to the tides and trends of the welding industry; to improve productivity, solve production problems, and improve your competitive position.

AWS Affiliate Company Members are provided with benefits to help them compete in the marketplace.

Please click here to find out more on AWS Affiliate Company Membership.

AWS Educational Institution Membership

Designed exclusively for educational institutions that strive to maintain the professionalism of their teaching staff, and strive to be a leader in the education community.  AWS Educational Institution Members are committed to the future of the industry, and set a great example for their educators, staff and students.

AWS Educational Institution Members are provided with benefits to help their educators, staff and students.

Please click here to find out more on AWS Educational Institution Membership

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