Technical Staff Assignments

Efram Abrams Yojaidy Acosta B1 - Methods of Inspection
  Sissibeth Lopez C1 - Resistance Welding
  Sissibeth Lopez D3 - Welding in Marine Construction
  Yojaidy Acosta D8 - Automotive Welding
  Yojaidy Acosta D14 - Machinery & Equipment
  Sissibeth Lopez J1 - Committee on Resistance Welding Equipment
  Sissibeth Lopez US TAG for ISO/TC 44/SC 6 - Resistance welding
Annette Alonso Sara Vidal TAC - Technical Activities Committee
Stephen Borrero Yojaidy Acosta A2 - Definitions & Symbols
  Sissibeth Lopez US TAG for ISO/TC 44/SC 7 - Terms and definitions
  Yojaidy Acosta A5H - Filler Metals and Fluxes for Brazing
(A5.8 & A5.31)
  Yojaidy Acosta BSMC - Brazing and Soldering Manufacturers Committee
  Yojaidy Acosta C3 - Brazing & Soldering
(incl. Brazing Hdbk and Soldering Hdbk)
  Yojaidy Acosta US TAG for ISO/TC 44/SC12 - Soldering Materials
  Yojaidy Acosta US TAG for ISO/TC 44/WG3 - Brazing
  Vivian Perez AASHTO/AWS D1J Bridge SC
  Vivian Perez D1K Stainless Steel SC
  Vivian Perez D1I Reinforcing Steel SC
Andrew Davis Sara Vidal ISAC - International Standards Activities Committee/US TAG to ISO/TC 44
  Vivian Perez ACIIW - American Council of the IIW
    IIW WGSTAND - working group on standardization
    ISO/TC 44/SC 3 - Welding consumables
    ISO/TC 44/SC 6/WG 2 - Resistance welding equipment
    ISO/TC 44/SC 7/WG 1 - Welding Symbols (revision of ISO 2553)
    ISO/TC 44/SC 10/WG5 - Specification & Qualification of Welding Procedures
    ISO/TC 167/WG 3 - Execution of steel structures
  Sissibeth Lopez US TAG for ISO/TC 167 - Steel and aluminium structures
Rakesh Gupta Yojaidy Acosta A5 - Filler Metals & Allied Products
  Sissibeth Lopez US TAG for ISO/TC 44/SC 3 - Welding Consumables
  Sissibeth Lopez A9 - Computerization of Welding Information
  Yojaidy Acosta C5 - Arc Welding & Cutting
Steve Hedrick Yojaidy Acosta A1 - Metric Practices
  Sissibeth Lopez B2F - Plastic Welding Qualification
  Yojaidy Acosta B4 - Mechanical Testing of Welds
  Sissibeth Lopez G1 - Joining Plastics & Composites
  Yojaidy Acosta PFQC - Personnel & Facilities Qualification
  Yojaidy Acosta SHC - Safety & Health Committee
  Yojaidy Acosta Z49 - ASC Committee on Safety
  Sissibeth Lopez US TAG for ISO/TC 44/SC 5 - Testing and Inspection of Welds
  Sissibeth Lopez US TAG for ISO/TC 44/SC 9 - Health and Safety
Chelsea Lewis Vivian Perez C4 - Oxyfuel Gas Welding & Cutting
  Vivian Perez US TAG for ISO/TC 44/SC 8 - Gas Welding
  Vivian Perez C6 - Friction Welding
  Vivian Perez C7 - High Energy Beam Welding/Cutting
  Yojaidy Acosta D16 - Robotics & Automatic Welding
  Yojaidy Acosta D18 - Sanitary Applications
  Sara Vidal D20 - Additive Manufacturing
Jennifer Molin Vivian Perez D1 - Structural Welding
  Vivian Perez D1Q Steel SC and Task Groups
  Vivian Perez D1G Aluminum SC
  Vivian Perez D1H Sheet Steel SC
  Vivian Perez D1F SC on Strengthening and Repair
  Vivian Perez D1L Seismic SC
  Vivian Perez D1N Titanium SC
Jennifer Molin Vivian Perez A5K - Titanium and Zirconium Filler Metals
  Yojaidy Acosta D9 - Welding of Sheet Metal
  Sissibeth Lopez D10 - Piping & Tubing
  Sara Vidal D17 - Aircraft & Aerospace
  Sara Vidal US TAG for ISO/TC 44/WG 4 - Welding & Brazing in Aerospace
  Vivian Perez G2 - Joining of Metals & Alloys
Jennifer Rosario Sara Vidal B2 - Procedure & Performance Qualification
  Sissibeth Lopez US TAG for ISO/TC 44/SC 10 - Unification requirements
  Sissibeth Lopez US TAG for ISO/TC 44/SC 11 - Qualification for welding personnel
  Yojaidy Acosta C2 - Thermal Spray (incl. TSH)
  Yojaidy Acosta D11 - Welding Iron Castings
  Yojaidy Acosta D15 - Railroad Welding